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Teach Well Toolkit School Membership gives you access to mental health tools and strategies.

Be Well. Teach Well. Stay Well.


Reward with Praise


Appreciate one another publicly by posting a message. Create a customised school 'wall'.

wellbeing support

Members' Resources


Choose resources from the vault. Attend 6 online wellbeing network meetings during the year.

tool for staff



Levels 2/3 First Aid for Mental Health courses. Student Mental Health Ambassador training.

Benefits of the Teach Well Toolkit 

mental health

Mental Health Strategies

Support for your Mental Health Lead to implement a culture of wellbeing and mental health.

wellbeing tools

Tools for Wellbeing

Strategies you need to improve  mental health in your school.

school community

Community Engagement

Involve the whole school community in improving mental health.

reduce absence

Reduce Staff Absence

Reduce staff absence. Improve retention. Boost recruitment.

32 case-studies on improving the mental health of your staff


32 case-study chapters written by Headteachers and Wellbeing Leads.

Contributions by Steve Waters include research findings on teacher wellbeing in 1000 schools. 

Copy for your school CPD library included in your membership

Your Teach Well Toolkit Membership



Wellbeing resources

A vault of wellbeing and mental health resources.

Meet. Learn.

6 network meetings. Guest mental health and wellbeing experts.

Teacher's PET Planner and Wellbeing Journal

Copies for Senior Leadership Team. Achieve work-life balance.

Everything you need to know about Teach Well Toolkit Membership.

Small & Average School Membership Options


Very Small School


12 months

Up to 20 staff members


Small School


12 months

From 21-50 staff members


Average School


12 months

From 51-70 staff members


Large School Membership Options



Here is where you can briefly outline the membership options and provide a brief description of what each plan includes, their cost and length.


Large School 


12 months

From 71-150 staff members


Very Large School or MAT

151 + staff members

Contact Suneta Bagri for a customised quote. If a MAT, state the number of schools you would like to include in your membership package.


Suneta Bagri & Steve Waters: Founders Teach Well Toolkit

Suneta has 25 years' experience in the primary sector, including as headteacher, leading a range of schools out of challenging circumstances.

Steve has 40 years' experience in education, as a secondary middle and senior leader and local authority consultant. Steve has lived experience of mental ill-health and was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder in 2008.

Suneta and Steve are both Fellows of the Chartered College of Teaching and Steve is an elected member of council. Suneta is a Wellbeing Coach and Steve a qualified Counsellor.